Playlist "Black Easter" (Interzone + Gloomy Sunday), 20.4.14, Römer


Sisters of Mercy - Afterhours

Batzz in the Belfri - Sapphire

Covenant - Winter comes

ASSS - Non believers

Second Planet - Absolute zero



Action Pact - Gothic Party Time

Alternet Images - Dead Pop Stars

Devotchka - Venus in Furs

The Cure - Plastic Passion


Slow Pulse Boy

Vampire Weekend - A punk

Weekend - Sirens

Clan Of Xymox - A day

Sixth June - Back for a day

The Cure - Play for today



Siouxie and the banshees - Kaleisdocope

Love is colder than death - Wild world*

Laibach - Eurovision

Kommando - Afron plans

Fischerspooner - Emerge



Praga Khan - Tausend Sterne

Mecanique Rytmique - Extase

KasProduct - Man of Time

Depeche Mode - Sometimes

Grimes - Ari


Slow Pulse Boy

Danse Society - Heaven is waiting

Die Form - A bite of god

Dive - Your god

November Növelet - Magic



Paradox Sequenz - Digitale Astronauten

Combiechrist - This shit will fuck you up

Blackhouse - Answers for you

Haus Arafna - Für immer

Position Parallele - Passe par ici



Lakobeil - The Hunter

Defekt86 - Meine Haut

Vive la Fete - Une par une

Foyer des Arts - Komm in den Garten

Einstürzende Neubauten - Haus der Lüge


Slow Pulse Boy

Fad Gadget - Collapsing new people

The Normal - Warm leatherette

Force Dimension - Carcinome*

DAF - Der Mussolini

Joy Division - Disorder



Lebanon Hannover - Gallowdance*

She past away - Rituel

Dataset - Formation ten ( Daniel Miller Mix)

Frustation - So tired

Sol Invictus - Black easter



Placebo - I feel you

The Kills - Alphabet Pony

Vosef K. - Sorry for Laughing

Grendel - Casanova


Slow Pulse Boy

Cauda Pavonis - Love like broken glas*

Chaos Z - Ein Tropfen im Feuer*

Welle:Erdball - Arbeit Adelt*

Depeche Mode - Photographic*

Boytronic - you



Nichts - Tango 2000

Der Fluch - Werwolf

Chameleons - Second Skin

PAL - Gelöbnis

Moata Amen - Ash nag

Portishead - Machinegun*



Xiu Xiu - Stupid in the church

DAF - Sato Sato

Le Tigre - Deceptucon

Die Radierer - Angriff aufs Scharaffenland

Princess Chelsea - The cigarett Duet


Slow Pulse Boy

The Knife - Heartbeats

Austra - Beat and the pulse

Front 242 - Headhunter

Crüxshadows - Deception*



Creatures - Exterminating angel

Project Pitchfork - Souls

Malaria - Kaltes klares Wasser

Virgin Prunes - Caucasian Walk

New Model Army - Horsemen



La Nouvelle Vague Experience - My fish is a fender

Chelsea Wolfe - Desctruction makes the world burn brighter

The Cure - Last dance


Slow Pulse Boy

Heather Nova - Gloomy Sunday

Soap & Skin - Me and the devil

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Playlist "Salon Noir", 8.3.2014, Römer

die erste ausgabe des salon noirs ist geschafft. wir - also kollege jörg und ich - sagen danke an das publikum für den netten abend.

von nun an findet der salon noir alle 2 monate am 2. samstag statt. der 2. monat ist in diesem fall immer der gerade monat. und da der märz ein ausnahmetermin war, dürft ihr euch bereits im april auf die 2. salon noir party freuen!


und hier die playlist von gestern:


Slow Pulse Boy

Joy Division - Interzone

Brigade Rosse - Interzone BRD

Circuit 7 - Russian roulette

1000 Ohm – A.G.N.E.S.



De Eneste To – Morten

The Cinematics – A strange education

Principe Valiente – She never returned

Echo & the Bunnymen – Pictures on my wall

The Chameleons - Monkeyland


Slow Pulse Boy

The Church - Reptile

Be Forest - Your specters

Selebrities - Living dead

Soft Kill - Surrender



Opera de Nuit – Invitation

Venus in Furs – When I acquire you

Charles de Goal – Clic clac

The Neon Judgement – Too cold to breathe

Three to Forgotten – Frostbite

Ladytron – Little black angel


Slow Pulse Boy

Phosphor - One night in Rome

Monitor - Mensch aus Glas

Nachtanalyse - Scan mich ein

Boytronic - Luna square

Depeche Mode - Photographic

Siouxsie & The Banshees - Cities in dust

Specimen - Hex



Death in Vegas – Hands around my throat

Joy Division – Shadowplay

Pink Turns Blue – Walking on both sides

The Undertones – Teenage kicks

The Organ – Love love love

The Smiths – This charming man


Slow Pulse Boy

The Cure - Play for today

Diva Destruction - The broken ones

Fad Gadget - Back to nature

She Wants Revenge - Tear you apart

Alien Skull Paint - Fly with me

DAF - Als wär’s das letzte Mal



Ideal – Eiszeit

Dead Kennedys – Holiday in Cambodia

Die Mimmi’s – Du bist Deutschland

DIIV – Doused

Editors - Munich


Slow Pulse Boy

Sisters of Mercy - Alice

She Past Away - Ritual

Austra - Beat and the pulse

Chvrches - lies

I-F - Space invaders are smoking grass



Propaganda – Dr. Mabuse

Ian Boddy – Living in a ritual

Clan of Xymox – Back door

O.M.D. – Enola gay

Black Marble – MSQ no-extra


Slow Pulse Boy

Joy Division - She's lost control

Second Layer - Courts or wars

Christian Death - Romeos distress

Killing Joke - The wait

No More - Suicide commando

X-Mal Deutschland - Polarlicht



Placebo – The bitter end

The Clash – London calling

The Jam – Going underground

Kraftwerk – The model

The Normal – T.V.O.D.


Slow Pulse Boy

Suicide - Ghost rider

New Order - Blue monday

Anne Clark - Our darkness

PIL - This is not a love song

The Psychedelic Furs - Pretty in pink

Grauzone - Träume mit mir



Malaria – Kaltes klares Wasser

Ski Patrol – Agent orange

The Chameleons – In shreds

Cauda Pavonis – Love like broken glass

The Organ - Brother


Slow Pulse Boy

The B-52s - Planet claire

Acid Pauli - I see a darkness

Front 242 - Tragedy for you

Lebanon Hanover - Gallowdance

Die Unbekannten – Radio war

Trisomie 21 - The last song



Geile Tiere – Geile Tiere

Tubeway Army – Are friends’ electric

The Neon Judgement – Chinese black

Snovy Red – Never alive


Slow Pulse Boy

For Against - Amen Yves

Zola Jesus - Night

Visage - Fade to grey

Fever Ray - Keep the streets

Woodkid - Ghost lights



Quieter than Spiders – Hibakusha

College & Electric Youth – A real hero

Eleven Pond – Sitting on chairs


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Playlist "Interzone - the Homecoming Edition - ", 14.12.13, Römer

ein abend, der nicht vieler worte bedarf: es war großartig. danke euch!


Joy Division - interzone

Motorama - one moment

Messer - Neonlicht

Cranes - Jewel

I Like Trains - beacons

Pink Turns Blue - master is calling

Ceremony - someday

Pains Of Being Pure At Heart- heart in your heartbreak

Skywave - over an over

Ben Ivory - the righteous ones

Claire - invincible

College - the energy story

Disco Digitale - digital love

Andre Szigety - liebe banal

Die Shadocks - disco liebe

Die Selektion - gottes wille

Arnaud Lazlaud - le malade roi

Psychedelic Headshot - rasender asphalt

Circuit 7 - video boys

Oto - anyway

Schwefel - metropolis

Diva Destruction - the broken ones

Joy Division - she's lost control

Snowy Red - never alive

Boytronic - luna square

OMD - electricty

Siouxsie & The Banshees - hong kong garden

Sexbeat - sexbeat

Altered Images - happy birthday

The Cure - jumping someone elses train

Bauhaus - the passion of lovers

Cauda Pavonis - love like broken glas

DAF - verschwende deine Jugend

Front 242 - headhunter

The Klinik - moving hands

Jimi Tenor - take me baby

Soft Cell- tainted love **

Corey Hart - sunglasses at night

She Wants Revenge - tear you apart

Jemen Jemowit - meine Tabletten **

The Cramps - human fly

Gang Of four - damaged goods

Pink Turns Blue - walking on both sides

Skeletal Family - promised land

Billy Idol - dancing with myself **

Ideal - erschießen

Grauzone - träume mit mir

New Dimension - stuttgart schwarz

Trisomie 21 - the last song

She Past Away - kasvetli kutlama **

Joy Division - disorder **

The Cure - plastic passion

Wipers -window shop for love

Crisis - (no more) holocaust

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - talking about the weather **

The Creatures - exterminating angel

Woodkid - run boy run

Klangstabil - you may start

Chvrches - lies

Austra - lose it

Großstadtgeflüster - haufenweise scheiße *

Invincible Spirit - push **

Killing Joke - love like blood

The Organ - brother

Editors - blood

Stag - pop song **

The Exoloding Boy - 40 days

Depeche Mode - people are people *

Kelua - ennoea **

Silicon Teens - sunflight **

Solid Space - 10th planet **

De/Vision - rage **

B-Movie - nowhere girl

Sisters Of Mercy - black planet **

Stooges - i wanna be your dog *

PIL - this is not a love song

Adam Ant - desperate but not  serious *

Lebanon Hanover - gallowdance

The Cure - the figurehead **

Visage - fade to grey

Das Kabinette - the cabinet

Linear Movment - night in june **

The Normal - t.v. o.d.

Suicide - ghost rider

Bauhaus - lagartija nick

Dead Kennedys - holiday in cambodia

Peters & The Test Tube Babies - banned from the pubs *

Gun Club - Sexbeat **

A Place To Bury Strangers - you are the one

Mogwai - haunted by a freak *

And Also The Trees - slow pulse boy **

Princes Chelsea - the cigarette duet **

MS MR - hurricane

TV Theme - abschiedslied der mini playbackshow


* - etwas von der Band wurde gewünscht

** - exakt der Song wurde gewünscht


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Playlist "Interzone Special: Unknown Pleasures", 13.06.09

Hier die Playlist (W=Wunsch):

Slow Pulse Boy

Joy Division- interzone

Kraftwerk- autobahn

Submarine Fleet- in a case of fire

The Dark- the masque

The Spiritual Bat- through the shadow

Modern English- live in a gladhouse

Der Herr kam über sie – love me or leave me

Bauhaus- endless summer of the damned



Extrabreit- der führer schenkt den klonen eine stadt

Buzzcocks- orgasm addict

Teardrop Explodes- bouncing babies

A Certain Ratio- thin boys

Warsaw- interzone

Trisomie 21- the last song

Danse Society- hide

This Mortal Coil- sixteen days/gathering dust


Slow Pulse Boy

The Cure- plastic passion

Spizz Energy- where is captain kirk?

The Porno- so it goes

The Possessions- control

Killing Joke- eighties W

Pink Turns Blue- walking on both sides

Placebo- breath underwater

The Mary Onettes- lost

Siouxsie And The Banshees- cities in dust



Joy Division- atmosphere W

David Bowie- heroes/helden

Simple Minds- changeling

Fad Gadget- collapsing new people

Nine Inch Nails- head like a hole

Nitzer Ebb- isn’t it funny how your body works

Big Black- kerosene


Slow Pulse Boy

Joy Division- disorder

Crisis- uk 78 W

White Lies- unfineshed business

Diego- free at last

Frank The Baptist- falling stars W

Cabarete Voltaire- nag nag nag

Tuxedomoon- no tears



Velvet Underground- venus in furs

The Stooges- I wanna be your dog

Joy Division- transmission

The Chameleons- don’t fall

Sisters Of Mercy- floorshow

Björk vs. Cure (Gordy Boy Mix)– a hidden forest

Breeders- cannonball

Pixies- gigantic

Devo- mongoloid


Slow Pulse Boy

Joy Division- warsaw

Sex Pistols- anarchy in the uk

The Exploited- sex and violence

Red Zebra- I can’t live in an living room

Suicide- ghost rider

She Wants Revenge- tear you apart

New Order- blue Monday

Joy Division- love will tear us apart (peel session)

Exploding Boy- 40 days



Marilyn Manson- this is the new shit W

No More- suicide commando

Crash Course In Science- flying turns

Cassandra Complex – presents (come of age)

Joy Division- ice age W

Depeche Mode- never let me down again

Echo And The Bunnymen- the cutter W

Gang Of Four- to hell with poverty

Einstürzende Neubauten- zns


Slow Pulse Boy

New Dimension- Stuttgart Schwarz

Joy Division- shes lost control

Wipers- window shop of love W

Interpol- roland

Motorama- anchor

Bauhaus- dark entries

The Cure- charlotte sometimes

Joy Division- decades W



Portishead - machine gun

Sisters Of Mercy- temple of love W

DAF- alles ist gut W

Unkle – panic attack

Joy Division- insight

The Cramps- the crusher


Slow Pulse Boy

The Meteors- don’t touch the bang bang fruit

Crisis- holocaust W

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds- mercy seat W

Soft Cell- sex dwarf W

The Normal- tvod

Editors- escape the nest

Dead Kennedys- california über alles W

Squishy Squid- bonjour tristesse W



Abwärts- beim ersten mal tut’s immer weh

Stranglers- nice and sleazy

Einstürzende Neubauten- befindlichkeit des landes W

Pixies- where is my mind W

Fields Of The Nephilim- last exit for he lost W

Gun Club- carry home


Slow Pulse Boy

Joy Division- something must break W

EA80- hello goodbye W

Exploding Boy- let the right one in

Mittekill- my way is the road



New Order- ceremony

This Heat- sleep

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Playlist "Interzone" 11.04.09

erst Konzert mit The Exploding Boy


Joy Division- interzone

The Ravonettes- black/white

The Cure- plastic passion

Virgin Prunes- baby turns blue

A Blaze Colour- a means to an end

I-F- spaceinvaders smoking grass

Trisomie 21- the last song

Editors- an end has a start

Motorama- anchor

Frank The Baptist- falling stars

Vampire Beach Babes- tomb mau mau W

The Other- hyde inside

Fehlfarben- gottseidank nicht england

Nichts- tango 2000

DAF- als wärs das letzte mal

Death In Vegas- hands around my throat

Fad Gadget- collapsing new people

Welle:Erdball- monoton und minimal W

Wermut- hoffnung

White Lies- to loose my life

Mary Onettes- lost

Hans-A-Plast- monstertanz

Danse Society- heaven is waiting

Chameleons- the fan and the belows

Fliehende Stürme- satellit W

Gang Of Four- damaged goods W

The Exploited- sex and violence

Charles De Goal - kling klang

Postal Service- such great hights

Vampire Weekend- a punk

The Cure- fire in cairo

Schadenfreude- vertigo W

Joy Disaster- yesss yess yes W

Squishi Squid- bonjour tristesse

The Vanishing- idle eyes W

Second Decay- i hate berlin W

Guerre Froide- deman berlin

Schmaalhans Weltraum- montagne du boef

Die Lustigen Kürbisse- müde bananen

The Ravonettes- dead sound W

Exploding Boy- shot down

For Against- december

The Smiths- stop me if you think...

Bauhaus- the sainity assassin W

Alien Sex Fiend- dead and burried W

Ausgang- crawling the walls

Joy Division- decades W

Snowy Red- madman W

p1/e- 49 second romance

Circuit 7 - video boys

Grauzone- der weg zu zweit

The Organ- memorize the city

Siouxsie- hongong garden

Dresden Dolls- half jack

Fliehende Stürme- blauer mond W

Bloody Dead And Sexy- bloody rose

Sisters Of Mercy- walk away

David Bowie- ziggy stardust

The Sound- escape myself W

Tones On Tail- twist W

Acid Pauly- i see a darkness W

Kinder Aus Asbest - hey engel

Shadocks- disco liebe

Camilla Motor- fuchsjagd

X Mal Deutschland- inkubus sukkubus II W

Sexbeat- sexbeat

Boxbury Beat- windows

Cranes- beautiful fried

Mary Moor- pretty day

Der Fliegenmann - der fliegenmann

Editors- lullaby (cure cover)

Counting Crows- colorblind



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Playlist "Interzone" 11.3.09


Are Weapons- hey world

DAF- ich und die Wirklichkeit

Dark Day- nudes in the forest

For Against- amnesia

The Cold- sorrow

Heavens Patent- pending

She Wants Revenge- hazy shade of winter

The Fall- way roundK

illing Joke- wardance

Alien Sex Fiend - i'm doing time in a …

Ministry- revenge


Slow Pulse Boy

Holiday Fun Club- holding my breath

Danielle Dax- yummer yummer man

Siiiii- rictusThe Porno- so it goes

Exploding Boy- shot down

Cut City- like ashes, like millions

Secret Shine- love blind

The Snake Corps- another monday

Class Action- blast off



Electric Circus- direct lines

Simple Minds- love song

Wire- take it

Frustration- no trouble

White Lies- farewell to the fairground

Amanda Palmer- runes in the family

Misfits- saturday night

Demented Are Go-  cripple in the woods

The Deep Eynde- she likes skulls

Joy Division- walked in line

Blacklist- blue shifted

The Cure- 100 years


Slow Pulse Boy

Siouxsie And The Banshees- red light

John Foxx- underpass

Plasmareds- getanzte Lebenszeit

Depeche Mode- photografic

Grauzone- wütendes glas

Abwärts- computerstaat

Tones On Tail- go!

Joy Division- control



The Sound- i can't escape myself

The Organ- brother

Editors- a end has a start

Interpol- say hello to the angels

Alien Sex Fiend- ignore the machine

Hunting Lodge- tribal warning shot

Mekons- blood on the moon ( in flagranti mix)


Slow Pulse Boy

Acid Pauli- i see a drakness

I-F- spaceinvaders smoking grass

Welle:Erdball- ich bin aus Plastik

Camilla Motor- rosa video

Nichts- tango 2000

Martha And The Muffins- echo beach

Ministry- same old madness

Van Kay & Ignite- picassos on the wall

Fad Gadget- collapsing new people


Slow Pulse Boy vs. Dave in the mix ;)

Depeche Mode- black celebration (live)

Motorama- anchor

The Cure- primary

Bauhaus- the sanity assasin

Cazals- to cut a long story short

Virgin Prunes- pagan love song

Wipers- window shop for love

The Vibrators- disco in moscow

Dresden Dolls- my alcoholic friends

Malaria!- kaltes klares Wasser

DAF- als wärs das letzte mal

Wermut- Hoffnung

Front 242- no shuffle

Click Click- stay out of the water

Neon Judgment- tv threated

For Against- amen yves

The Chameleons- second skin

Nick Cave- the mercy seat

Einstürzende Neubauten- befindlichkeit des Landes

Silicon Teens- sunflight

Snowy Red- madman

Siouxsie And The Banshees- hong kong garden

The Dark- the masque

Madre Del Vizio- madre

Christian Death- sick of love

The Wake- give up

Venus In Furs- whe i acquire you

The Creepers- baby's on fire

Cindy Lauper- girls just want to have fun

Morrissey- i'm throwing my arms around you

The Cure- the love cats

The Normal- warm leatherette

The Vanishing- terror, i've been…

Blitzkid- lady in the lake

The Deep Eynde- suicide drive

Meteors- don't touch the bang bang fruit

The Cramps- she said

Fliehende Stürme- gestern

Tocotronic- digital ist besser



Dead Kennedys- pull my strings

Joy Division- disorder

Tuxedomoon- no tears

Tones On Tail- go (Dave entschuldigt sich fürs doppelt spielen;))

Glkasvegas- geraldine

Southern Death Cult- moya

Johnny Cash- 25 minutes to go

Bloc Party- talons (Acoustic)

Editors- feel good inc.


Slow Pulse Boy

Alexandra- mein freund der Baum

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Playlist "Interzone" 10.01.09

Joy Division- interzone

Flat Duo Jets- creepin invention

4 Flops- trick or treat

Ghoultown- return of the living dead

Motorama- horse

Strange Boutique- the kindest words

Christian Death- sleepwalk

The Die Is Cast- sick

Nichts- ein deutsches lied

Minimal Man- to hold you

Neon Neon- i lust u

Mark Lane- the reflektion

Second Layer- court of war

Venus In Furs- in my velvet cage

Karmen- chess

Les Immer Essen- hand take

Vendemmian- transition

Superheroins- chasing bars

Like Wreckage- burning waters

All Gone Dead- newsspeakroom 101

B-Movie- marilyn dreams

Traspasser W- never never land

The Cure- the hanging garden

Frank The Baptist- on my tounge

Joy Disaster- hang around

Berlin- the metro

Ice The Falling Rain- lives illusion

Solid Space- 10th planet

Circuit 7 – video Boys W

Depeche  Mode- the meaning

Didi und die Herzschrittmacher- modern

Informatics- proximity switch

Danse Society- my heart W

Joy Division- disorder

Motorama- anchor

Ministry- same old madness

Wermut- hoffnung

I-F- spaceinvaders smoking grass

Fad Gadget- collapsing new people

Soft Cell- tourch W

Psyche- goodbye horses

Editors- escape the nest

Tuxedomoon- no tears W

Grauzone- wütendes glas

Adam And The Ants- stand and deliver

Pink Turns Blue- can’t be love W

The Cure- a night like this

Bauhaus- she’s in partys

Acid Pauly- i see a darkness

Neva- vision

Shadocks- dico-liebe W

Camilla Motor- rosa video

Silvia- zuerst ich

Weltklang- heimat W

Virgin Prunes- baby turns blue

Crisis- uk 78

Sex Gang Children- mauritia mayer

Sexbeat- sexbeat

Northern Lite- girl with a gun

Polarkreis 18- allein allein (reworked by nephew)

The Knife- pass this on W

Click Click- stay out of the water

Dave Ball- in strickt tempo W

Einstürzende Neubauten- haus der lüge

Force Dimension- fiebertanz

The Normal- warm letherette

Schmaalhans Weltraum- montagne du boeuf

A Sudden Sway- jane’s third party

Danse Society- heaven is waiting W

Cinema Strange- sadist sagitarius W

Nekromantix- dead girls don’t cry

The Meteors- don’t touch the bang bang fruit

Christian Death- romeos distress

The Mary Onettes- lost

The Smiths- heaven knows i’m miserable now

Billy Bragg- a new england

Ravonettes- dead sound

Tones On Tail- go

Men Without Hats- secuity W

Kas Produkt- so young but so cold W

Guerre Froide- deman berlin

Kitchen and The Plastic Spoons- happy funeral

The Cure- plastic passion

Baard- live in a goldfish bowl

The Chameleons- here today

Sisters Of Mercy- nine while nine

Editors- camera

Johnny Cash- hurt

Justin Sullivan- ocean rising

TV Theme Saber Rider And The Star Sheriffs


W = Wunsch

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Playlist "Interzone", 16.11.07

feat. gast dj mike



Joy Division- interzone

Pink Turns Blue- master is calling

And Also The Trees- scarlet arch

Generation Aldi- infinity

Section 25- looking from a hilltop



Informatics- Satellite To Russia

Absolute Body Control- Waving Hands

Bal Pare- Charlotte

Noctule Sorix- Thursday

Wallenberg- Someone’s Changing

The Cure- Boys Don’t Cry

Remain In Silence- The Good Samaritan



Sad Lovers And Giants- client

The Possessions- control

A Sudden Sway- jane’s third party

Charles De Goal- kling klang

Ultravox- we came to dance

No More- suicide commando (demo)

Les Immer Essen- hand take

Class Action- blast of



Baard- Saviour Of The Nations (W)

Deux- Game And Performance

Black Fantasy- Evil Places (W)

Oppenheimer Analysis- Washington

Depeche Mode- Ice Machine

Nine Circles- Twinkling Stars (W)

Sudeten Creche- Glorious Treason

The Sound- Sense Of Purpose

The Clash- London Calling (W)



Joy Division- she’s lost control

Gang Of Four- damaged goods

Bloc Party- banquet (W)

She Wants Revenge- I don’t want to fall in love

Shiny Toy Guns- don’t cry out (W)

The Sounds- living in America (W)

The Organ- brother

The Mary Onettes- void

Die Perlen- turn back the time



Hertzinfarkt- Wir Trauen Uns Was

Ceramic Hello- Sampling The Blast Furnace (W

)Das Kabinette- The Cabinet (W)

V.o.K.- Lonely Boys Lonely Girls

Absolute Body Control- Is There An Exit?

Guerre Froide- Saint Ex

Joy Disaster- Paranoia

Fear Condition- Vampire

Clair Obscur- Froh

The Smiths- What Difference Does It Make?

Die Ärzte- Sweet Sweet Gwendoline (W)

The Cure- Lovecats

Clockwork Orange- Sensation Boys

A Blaze Colour- A Means To An End (W)

Kitchen And The Plastic Spoons- The Poet (W)

The Body Electric- Dash 1721



Surplus Stock- take it

DAF- der mussolini (W)

Deetho- will dich nicht

Grauzone- eisbär

Fehlfarben- paul ist tot (W)

Crisis- uk 78

Christian Death- romeos distress (W)

Frank The Baptist- singing off

Fliehende Stürme- satellit

Fad Gadget- collapsing new people

Interpol- evil

Placebo- bitter end

Sex Gang Children- guy wonder (W)

Scary Bitches- birds and bees (W)

John Foxx- underpass (W)



Ministry- Same Old Madness (W)

Anne Clark- Wallies

New Dimension- Stuttgart Schwarz (W)

Q Lazzarus- Goodbye Horses (W)

Other Day- Seen And Heard You

Mephisto Waltz- Paint It Black (W)

Bauhaus- Dark Entries

Alien Sex Fiend- Dead And Buried

Chaos Z- Ein Tropfen Im Feuer

Der Fluch- Werwolf (W)

Morrissey- Irish Blood English Heart

Interpol- Pda

Joy Disaster- Fade Away



Punk Soul Loving Bill- ralleyweltmeister

Neva- vision

Andre Szigethy- schwarzfahr'n

Sinnead O'conner- gloomy sunday (W)


(W)= Wunsch

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Playlist "Interzone - Cure Special", 19.10.07

feat. gast dj 'm'


Joy Division- interzone

Cure- open

Wall Of Voodoo- mexican radio

Cure- a night like this

For Against- december

Tocotronic- kapitulation

Cure- snow in summer

Voices Of Masada- another day

The Prides- the glow

The Cure- dredd song

Whispers In The Shadows- here i go again

Pink Turns Blue- michelle

Cure- siamese twins (Siouxsie & Robert)

Bauhaus- dark entries

Siouxsie And The Banshees- israel

New Model Army- stupid questions

Joy Division- love will tear us apart

Cure- object

Skeletal Family- the wind blows

Autumn- how it came to be this way

Mephisto Walz- eternal deep

B-Movie- marilyn dreams

Cure- the walk

OMD- electricity

Boytronic- luna square

Trick 17- hey, komm schlaf mit mir

Nichts- tango 2000

Cure- fire in cairo

Fehlfarben- wilde 13

Zero Zero- glasherz

Abwärts- beim ersten mal tut's noch weh

Chaos Z- isolation

Cure- play for today

Cure- lovecats

Depeche Mode- just can't get enough

Shiny Toy Guns- don't cry out

Ladytron- destroy everything you touch

The Killers- when you where young

Cure- why can`t i be you

Cure- plastic passion

EA 80 - matatu

Specimen- hex

The Mary Onettes- void

New Model Army- 51st state

Placebo- post blue

Adam And The Ants- stand and deliver

Cure- m

Cure- lullaby

Sisters Of Mercy- heartland

The Creatures- exterminating angel

Pixies- where is my mind

The Smiths- stop me if you think...

Gene Loves Jezeble- desire

Cranes- beautyful friend

Krupps- wahre arbeit, wahrer lohn

DAF- mussolini

Caprifischer- wir fliehen für einen tag

Cure- cold

Trisomie 21- the last song

Man Without Hats- living in china

Violent Femmes- blister in the sun

Camilla Motor- auf der fuchsjagd

Martin Dupont- just because

Plasmareds- getanzte lebenszeit

Cure- a forest

Cure- disintegration (live)

Morrissey- first of the gang to die

New Order- crystal

Placebo- song to say goodbye

Einstürzende Neubauten- die befindlichkeit des landes

Cure- kyoto song

Cure- just like heaven

Philipp Boa- this is michal

Alphaville- big in japan

Kate Bush- running up that hill

Anne Clark- sleeper in metropolis

Depeche Mode- stripped

Cure- push

Eurythmics- sweet dreams

Duran Duran- wild boys

Cure- hanging garden

Joy Division- she's lost control

Fliehende Stürme- blauer mond

Muffdiver- feuer

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry- walking on your hands

Plasmareds- neue sterne

She Wants Revenge- i don't want to fall in love

Wermut- hoffnung

Deetho- will dich nich

tHessen Ganz Groß- nie wieder

Cure- maybe someday

Nachlader- an die wand

Disco Digital- gigital love

Schaltkreis Wassermann- sex is out

Cure- all i have to do is kill her

Cure- the dragon hunters song

Cure- strange day


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Playlist "Interzone", 21.09.07

inkl. the birthday massacre release party 


Joy Division- interzone

Cheshire Cat- love is dead

Possessions- control

The Klaxons- atlantis to interzone

Blacklist- language of the living dead

Lush- hypocrites

Faith And The Muse- prodigal

Cranes- beauteful friend

Chapterhouse- pearl

Cardiacs- is this the live

Trespasser W- never land

Click Click- she can

Fields Of The Nephilim- preacher man

Screaming Dead- a dream of yesterday

Madre Del Vizio- stanza

Chameleons- in shreds

Gene Loves Jezeble- desire

Punk Soul Loving Bill- jana fliegt nach mexiko

Tirami Su- für eine nacht

Spillsbury- raus

Von Spar- kopfsteinpflaster

Exkurs- warten

The Birthday Massacre- unfamiliar

Scary Bitches- you'll end up looking like the scray bitches

The Last Days Of Jesus- zombie haut-couture

Frank The Baptist- falling stars

The Cure- lets go to bed

OMD- enola gay

Tears For Fears- mad world

Datafreq- just like 1981

File Not Found- break off

Bloc Party- hunting for witches

Kaiser Chiefs- i love you less and less

Diva Destruction- the broken ones

The Birthday Massacre- kill the lights

Dresden Dolls- coin operatet boy

Siouxsie And The Banshees- happy house

Welle:Erdball- monoton und minimal

No More- suicide commando

I-F- spaceinvaders smoking gras

Joy Division- transmission

Interpol- slow hands

Cauda Pavonis- love like broken glas

Le Tigre- deceptacon

Death In Vegas- hands around my throat

Nine Inch Nails- closer

Peaches- fuck the pain away

Shiny Toy Guns- don't cry out

Trisomie 21- the last song

The Cure- inbetween days

Wipers- window shop for love

New Model Army- 51st state

The Organ- steven smith

The Smiths- sweet and tender holigan

Deine Lakeien- dark star

DAF- als wärs das letzte mal

Deetho- will dich nicht

Schwefelgelb- mund zu voll

Depeche Mode- people are people

New Days Delay- vermutlich hysterisch

Christian Death- romeos distress

Bauhaus- the passion of lovers

Tuxedomoon- no tears

Einstürzende Neubauten- haus der lüge

Grauzone- wütendes glas

Nichts- tango 2000

John Foxx- underpass

The Knife- heartbeats

X Mal Deutschland- inkubus sukkubus

Zero Zero- glasherz

The Plasmareds- getanzte lebenszeit

Morrissey- you have killed me

The Bravery- honest mistake

Ramones- i wanna live

Skeletal Family- promised land

Frank The Baptist- scars forever

Nim Vind- astronomicon

New Dimension- stuttgart schwarz

Royksopp- what else is there

Tito und Tarantula- after dark

The Prostitutes- ejekt

Didi Hallervorden und Helga Feddersen- die wanne is voll

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