Playlist "Interzone" 10.01.09

Joy Division- interzone

Flat Duo Jets- creepin invention

4 Flops- trick or treat

Ghoultown- return of the living dead

Motorama- horse

Strange Boutique- the kindest words

Christian Death- sleepwalk

The Die Is Cast- sick

Nichts- ein deutsches lied

Minimal Man- to hold you

Neon Neon- i lust u

Mark Lane- the reflektion

Second Layer- court of war

Venus In Furs- in my velvet cage

Karmen- chess

Les Immer Essen- hand take

Vendemmian- transition

Superheroins- chasing bars

Like Wreckage- burning waters

All Gone Dead- newsspeakroom 101

B-Movie- marilyn dreams

Traspasser W- never never land

The Cure- the hanging garden

Frank The Baptist- on my tounge

Joy Disaster- hang around

Berlin- the metro

Ice The Falling Rain- lives illusion

Solid Space- 10th planet

Circuit 7 – video Boys W

Depeche  Mode- the meaning

Didi und die Herzschrittmacher- modern

Informatics- proximity switch

Danse Society- my heart W

Joy Division- disorder

Motorama- anchor

Ministry- same old madness

Wermut- hoffnung

I-F- spaceinvaders smoking grass

Fad Gadget- collapsing new people

Soft Cell- tourch W

Psyche- goodbye horses

Editors- escape the nest

Tuxedomoon- no tears W

Grauzone- wütendes glas

Adam And The Ants- stand and deliver

Pink Turns Blue- can’t be love W

The Cure- a night like this

Bauhaus- she’s in partys

Acid Pauly- i see a darkness

Neva- vision

Shadocks- dico-liebe W

Camilla Motor- rosa video

Silvia- zuerst ich

Weltklang- heimat W

Virgin Prunes- baby turns blue

Crisis- uk 78

Sex Gang Children- mauritia mayer

Sexbeat- sexbeat

Northern Lite- girl with a gun

Polarkreis 18- allein allein (reworked by nephew)

The Knife- pass this on W

Click Click- stay out of the water

Dave Ball- in strickt tempo W

Einstürzende Neubauten- haus der lüge

Force Dimension- fiebertanz

The Normal- warm letherette

Schmaalhans Weltraum- montagne du boeuf

A Sudden Sway- jane’s third party

Danse Society- heaven is waiting W

Cinema Strange- sadist sagitarius W

Nekromantix- dead girls don’t cry

The Meteors- don’t touch the bang bang fruit

Christian Death- romeos distress

The Mary Onettes- lost

The Smiths- heaven knows i’m miserable now

Billy Bragg- a new england

Ravonettes- dead sound

Tones On Tail- go

Men Without Hats- secuity W

Kas Produkt- so young but so cold W

Guerre Froide- deman berlin

Kitchen and The Plastic Spoons- happy funeral

The Cure- plastic passion

Baard- live in a goldfish bowl

The Chameleons- here today

Sisters Of Mercy- nine while nine

Editors- camera

Johnny Cash- hurt

Justin Sullivan- ocean rising

TV Theme Saber Rider And The Star Sheriffs


W = Wunsch

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