Playlist "Interzone", 16.11.07

feat. gast dj mike



Joy Division- interzone

Pink Turns Blue- master is calling

And Also The Trees- scarlet arch

Generation Aldi- infinity

Section 25- looking from a hilltop



Informatics- Satellite To Russia

Absolute Body Control- Waving Hands

Bal Pare- Charlotte

Noctule Sorix- Thursday

Wallenberg- Someone’s Changing

The Cure- Boys Don’t Cry

Remain In Silence- The Good Samaritan



Sad Lovers And Giants- client

The Possessions- control

A Sudden Sway- jane’s third party

Charles De Goal- kling klang

Ultravox- we came to dance

No More- suicide commando (demo)

Les Immer Essen- hand take

Class Action- blast of



Baard- Saviour Of The Nations (W)

Deux- Game And Performance

Black Fantasy- Evil Places (W)

Oppenheimer Analysis- Washington

Depeche Mode- Ice Machine

Nine Circles- Twinkling Stars (W)

Sudeten Creche- Glorious Treason

The Sound- Sense Of Purpose

The Clash- London Calling (W)



Joy Division- she’s lost control

Gang Of Four- damaged goods

Bloc Party- banquet (W)

She Wants Revenge- I don’t want to fall in love

Shiny Toy Guns- don’t cry out (W)

The Sounds- living in America (W)

The Organ- brother

The Mary Onettes- void

Die Perlen- turn back the time



Hertzinfarkt- Wir Trauen Uns Was

Ceramic Hello- Sampling The Blast Furnace (W

)Das Kabinette- The Cabinet (W)

V.o.K.- Lonely Boys Lonely Girls

Absolute Body Control- Is There An Exit?

Guerre Froide- Saint Ex

Joy Disaster- Paranoia

Fear Condition- Vampire

Clair Obscur- Froh

The Smiths- What Difference Does It Make?

Die Ärzte- Sweet Sweet Gwendoline (W)

The Cure- Lovecats

Clockwork Orange- Sensation Boys

A Blaze Colour- A Means To An End (W)

Kitchen And The Plastic Spoons- The Poet (W)

The Body Electric- Dash 1721



Surplus Stock- take it

DAF- der mussolini (W)

Deetho- will dich nicht

Grauzone- eisbär

Fehlfarben- paul ist tot (W)

Crisis- uk 78

Christian Death- romeos distress (W)

Frank The Baptist- singing off

Fliehende Stürme- satellit

Fad Gadget- collapsing new people

Interpol- evil

Placebo- bitter end

Sex Gang Children- guy wonder (W)

Scary Bitches- birds and bees (W)

John Foxx- underpass (W)



Ministry- Same Old Madness (W)

Anne Clark- Wallies

New Dimension- Stuttgart Schwarz (W)

Q Lazzarus- Goodbye Horses (W)

Other Day- Seen And Heard You

Mephisto Waltz- Paint It Black (W)

Bauhaus- Dark Entries

Alien Sex Fiend- Dead And Buried

Chaos Z- Ein Tropfen Im Feuer

Der Fluch- Werwolf (W)

Morrissey- Irish Blood English Heart

Interpol- Pda

Joy Disaster- Fade Away



Punk Soul Loving Bill- ralleyweltmeister

Neva- vision

Andre Szigethy- schwarzfahr'n

Sinnead O'conner- gloomy sunday (W)


(W)= Wunsch

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