Playlist "Interzone" 11.04.09

erst Konzert mit The Exploding Boy


Joy Division- interzone

The Ravonettes- black/white

The Cure- plastic passion

Virgin Prunes- baby turns blue

A Blaze Colour- a means to an end

I-F- spaceinvaders smoking grass

Trisomie 21- the last song

Editors- an end has a start

Motorama- anchor

Frank The Baptist- falling stars

Vampire Beach Babes- tomb mau mau W

The Other- hyde inside

Fehlfarben- gottseidank nicht england

Nichts- tango 2000

DAF- als wärs das letzte mal

Death In Vegas- hands around my throat

Fad Gadget- collapsing new people

Welle:Erdball- monoton und minimal W

Wermut- hoffnung

White Lies- to loose my life

Mary Onettes- lost

Hans-A-Plast- monstertanz

Danse Society- heaven is waiting

Chameleons- the fan and the belows

Fliehende Stürme- satellit W

Gang Of Four- damaged goods W

The Exploited- sex and violence

Charles De Goal - kling klang

Postal Service- such great hights

Vampire Weekend- a punk

The Cure- fire in cairo

Schadenfreude- vertigo W

Joy Disaster- yesss yess yes W

Squishi Squid- bonjour tristesse

The Vanishing- idle eyes W

Second Decay- i hate berlin W

Guerre Froide- deman berlin

Schmaalhans Weltraum- montagne du boef

Die Lustigen Kürbisse- müde bananen

The Ravonettes- dead sound W

Exploding Boy- shot down

For Against- december

The Smiths- stop me if you think...

Bauhaus- the sainity assassin W

Alien Sex Fiend- dead and burried W

Ausgang- crawling the walls

Joy Division- decades W

Snowy Red- madman W

p1/e- 49 second romance

Circuit 7 - video boys

Grauzone- der weg zu zweit

The Organ- memorize the city

Siouxsie- hongong garden

Dresden Dolls- half jack

Fliehende Stürme- blauer mond W

Bloody Dead And Sexy- bloody rose

Sisters Of Mercy- walk away

David Bowie- ziggy stardust

The Sound- escape myself W

Tones On Tail- twist W

Acid Pauly- i see a darkness W

Kinder Aus Asbest - hey engel

Shadocks- disco liebe

Camilla Motor- fuchsjagd

X Mal Deutschland- inkubus sukkubus II W

Sexbeat- sexbeat

Boxbury Beat- windows

Cranes- beautiful fried

Mary Moor- pretty day

Der Fliegenmann - der fliegenmann

Editors- lullaby (cure cover)

Counting Crows- colorblind



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