Playlist “Dark Entries meets Unknown Pleasures”, 7.2.15, Römer

Slow Pulse Boy
Nephew – A wannabe Darth Vader
The Hundred and the Hands – Sleepwalkers

Lichtblick – Mondmädchen
Goldene Zitronen – Wenn ich ein Turnschuh wäre
Grauzone – Moskau

Slow Pulse Boy
Andre Szigethy – Schwarzfahrn
Zero Zero – Glasherz
Twin Shadow – Five Seconds
INVSN – Down in the shadows

The KVB – I see only the lights
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Peek a Boo
The Organ – Brother
Noi Kabat – Make room make room

Slow Pulse Boy
Ben Bloodygrave – Ich schau in dein Gesicht
B-Movie – Nowhere Girl
Rome – Wir Götter der Stadt
The Cure – M**

Chelsea Wolfe – We hit a wall
Schonwald – Achrome
Royskopp – Ice Machine
Ladytron – True mathematics

Slow Pulse Boy
Ash Code – I can’t escape myself (The Sound Cover)
She Wants Revenge – Tear You Apart
Bauhaus – Passion of lovers
Snake Dance – Fall from grace*

Menschliche Energie – Dinstant Memory
Skinny Puppy – Solvent
Leatherstrip – Cold
Covenant – We stand alone
New Order – Blue Monday

Slow Pulse Boy
Ascii Disco – Straßen
Diva Destruction – The broken ones
Tuxedomoon – No Tears
Placebo – The Bitter End

Light Asylum – Dark allies
Marilon Manson – Personal Jesus*
Rammstein – Engel*
69 Eyes – Gothic Girl**

Slow Pulse Boy
Frustration – Too many questions
DAF – Der Mussolini
Spetznatz – Apathy
Suicide Commando – see you in hell

Das Ich – Gott ist tod
Machine Mortelle – MDS51
Chrysalide – Qustion Everything
Klangstabil – You may start

Slow Pulse Boy
Deine Lakaien – Love me to the end
The Cure – Burn
The Arch – Ribdancer**
Siouxsie and the Banshees – red light*

Trisomie 21 – Last Song
Wumpscut – Sag es jetzt
Joy Division – Isolation
Agent Side Grinder – This is us

Slow Pulse Boy
Diiv – Doused**
House Of Love – Shine On**
Sisters of Mercy – Logic
Lebanon Hanover – totally tot*

She past away – Rituel
The Hologramms – ABC City*
Chameleons – In shreeds
Fischerspooner – Emerge

Slow Pulse Boy
Chvrches – Lies
Depeche Mode – Master and servant
Welle:Erdball – Arbeit adelt*
Großstadtgeflüster – Haufenweise Scheiße
New Days Delay – Bombe

Combichrist – This shit will fuck you up
Ministry – Thieves*
Frustation – dying city (blackmail remix)
Battery operated orchestra – Wishlist**
Profil – Berühren

Slow Pulse Boy
OMD – Electricity
Anne Clark – Sleeper in Metropolis
Dave Ball – In Strickt Tempo
Haus Arafna – Happy thrill**
NIN – Closer*

Tiga and Zyntherius – Sunglasses at the night
Keluar – Ennoea
Nox – Cannibal night
Dead can dance – Black sun
Molly Nilson – Hiroshima Street

Slow Pulse Boy
Zola Jesus – Night
Bauhaus – She’s in Parties
Desire – Under your spell
TV Theme Muppet Show

* = Ein Song dieser Band wurde gewünscht
** = Exakt dieser Song der Band wurde gewünscht


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