Playlist "5 Jahre Unknown Pleasures", Mensa Academia, 12.7.14


King Dude & Chelsea Wolfe - Bed on Fire

Indians in Moscow - Singing the french

Claps - Across the floor

Iko - Model Type A

Frustation - Blackmail Dying City Remix



Extrabreit - der Führer schenkt den Klonen eine Stadt

Tuxedomoon - what use

Brian Eno - Babies on fire

Pale Saints - Porpois

Papercutz - Disintegration (The Cure-Cover)


Slow Pulse Boy

Rome - The torture Detachtment

Chelsea Wolfe - Feral love

The Devil & the Universe - Parvati's Lament

Klangstabil - math & emotion

Crystal Castles - Affection



Cold Cave - A little death to laugh

IAMX - Nightlife

Haujobb - Dead market

Tanz ohne Musik - Between your body shapes

Sell System - Ceremony



New Order - truth

Joy Division - colony

Simple Minds - i travel

No More - suicide commando

Siouxsie & the Banshees - red light


Slow Pulse Boy

For Against - Amen Yves

Massendefect - Papierflugzeug

Andre Szigethy - Liebe banal

Ascii Disco - Strassen

The Arch - Ribdancer



She past away - Asimilasyon

Carlos Peron - Dirty song

Eisenfunk - Pong*

Straftanz - Tanz was Dich kaputt macht

Ash Nag - Moata amen



Cirian Harte - love is a stranger

??? - step in time

Fisherspooner - emerge

Depeche Mode - master and servant

The Sound - i can't escape myself


Slow Pulse Boy

Joy Division - she's lost control

Cauda Pavonis - Love like broken glass

Christian Death - Romeos distress

The Body Electric - dash 1721

Clan Of Cymox - Back Door*



Chameleons - Second skin*

Lebanon Hanover - Gallowdance

Nun - Evoke the sleep

A blaze color - A means to an end

Portishead - Machinegun



Joy Division - transmission

Interpol - evil

Front 242 - headhunter

Death In Junge - the calling

Trentemoller - moan


Slow Pulse Boy

Austra - Lose It

Blouse - Time travel

Laibach - Tanz mit Laibach*

Haus Arafna - Heart beat blood flows

Invincible Spirit - push*



Fad Gadget - Back to nature

Einstürzende Neubauten - Yü gung*

Pain Station - Domination V3

Fever ray - Keep the street are empty

Poeme Electronique - The echoes fade



Jimi Tenor - take me baby

Sisters of Mercy - dominion mother russia

VNV Nation - chrome

Agent Side Grinder - wolf hour

Kirlian Camera - eclipse

Boytronic - lunar square


Slow Pulse Boy

Electronic Circus - Direct lines*

Trisomie 21 - the last song*

Joy Division - a means to an end

The Cure - hanging garden

Princess Chelsea - The cigarette duet*

Rome - hate us and see if we mind*



Exedra - Death disco

She past away - Rituel

Death in Vegas - Hands around

Acid Pauli - I see the darkness

IF - Space invaders smoking



Grossstadtgeflüster - ich muss gar nix (brich de luv remix)

Abwärts - computerstaat

Ramones - pet sementary (RIP, Ramones!)

Morrisey - irish blood english heart

Fields of the Nephilim - psychonaut


Slow Pulse Boy

Muse - Plug In Baby*

Placebot - the Bitter End

The Lost Rivers - Stay*



Principe Valiente - The son i´ll never be

Charles de goal - Exposition

Paradox Sequenz - Digitale Astronauten



Cristal Castles - crime wave

Modern Eon - childs play

Cosmetics honey honey


Slow Pulse Boy

Hundreds - our past

Nine Circles - what's there left*



The Rorschach Garden - Stay in line

Spectra Paris - Mad world


Slow Pule Boy

TV Theme Captain Future


* -> Wunsch













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