Playlist "Lost"-Floor im Rahmen der lostfactory, münchen, 31.08.13

viel muss ich an dieser stelle gar nicht mehr sagen. zusammen mit kollegin madlyn aus leipzig hatte ich das vergnügen das erste mal in münchen auflegen zu dürfen. und es hat richtig spaß gemacht. danke dem tollen publikum :)

und hier die playlist:


Slow Pulse Boy

And Also The Trees - slow pulse boy

The Reegs - this savage garden

The Go-Betweens - that way

The Bonapartes - the battle of iena

Party Day - atoms

Red Temple Spirits - dark spirits

A Place To Bury Strangers - onwards to the wall



Joy Division - Heart and Soul

Opera de Nuit - Invitation

Little Nemo - Sandcastle

The Sisters Of Mercy - Logic

Paralysed Age - Nocturne

Merry Thoughts - Boy Sinister


Slow Pulse Boy

Deathday - afterdark

Soma Sema - my artificial heart

Ministry - same old madness

The Wake - give up

Alien Sex Fiend - dead and burried

Exedra death disco

Miserylab - children of the poor



Cure - Push

Pink Turns Blue - After All

IKON - Black Roses

Blacklist - Flight of the Demoiselles

Screaming for Emily - The Love

Second Layer - Courts of Wars

The Wake - Patrol

Suspiria - Allegedly Dancefloor Tragedy


Slow Pulse Boy

Christian Death - romeos distress

X-Mal Deutschland - polarlicht

DAF - als wärs das letzte mal

The Normal - warm leatherette (W)

Boytronic - you (W)

Depeche Mode - ice machine

Tempers - strange harvest

Lebanon Hanover - gallowdance

Joy Division - warsaw (W)



Jad Vio - Cellar Dance

Big Electric Cat - Paris Skies

Chameleons - Perfume Garden

The Sisters Of Mercy - Heartland

Faith And The Muse - Shattered in Aspect

Mephisto Walz - Dear Familiar Phantoms

Dream Disciples - Pray

The Cult - She sells Sanctuary

Bauhaus - Lagartija Nick


Slow Pulse Boy

Spizzenergie - soldier soldier (W)

Westbam - computerstaat

Einstürzende Neubauten - haus der lüge (W)

She Past Away - ritual

The Exploding Boy - heart of glas

The Body Electric - dash 1721

Stereo - somewhere in the night

Plastic Bertrant - tout petite la planète (W)



Solid Space - 10th planet

Light Asylum - Dark Allies (W)

Cold War - Chiaroscuro

Red Zebra - Agent Orange

The Rope - Water to Wine

Principe Valiente - One more Time

White Lies - to loose my life



Specimen - Aftershock

1000 Ohm - AGNES

Hysterica Passio - grey over life

The Soft Moon - Die Life (W)

Screen Vinyl Image - Revival

A Sky Jet Black - I wanna be adored

They Must Be Russians - don't try to cure yourself

Fehlfarben - hier und jetzt


Slow Pulse Boy

Grauzone - schlachtet

Didi & Die Herzschrittmacher -modern (W)

Men Without Hats - security

Leitmotiv - attendre encore (W)

Joy Division - these days

Editors - an end has a start

DIIV - doused

Future Island - nu Autobahn



Led Er Est - Bikini Fun

She Past Away - Monoton

Rosetta Stone - An Eye for the main Chance

The Wake - Christine

Angels of Liberty - Monster in Me

Fields Of The Nephilim - Trees come down (live)

The Prids - contact

Mission - Deliverance

Eleven Pond - watching Trees


Slow Pulse Boy

SS-Say - care (W)

November Növelet - magic (W)

Esplendor Geometrico - moscu esta helado

Austra - beat and the pulse

Chvrches - lies

Virgin Prunes - caucasian walk

Gang Of Four - damaged goods



Cure - Primary (live in Oxford)

Die Vision - After the Sunset

Death in June - Fields

Siglo XX - Art of War

A Flock Of Seagulls - modern love is automatic

Alien Sex Fiend - Hurrican Fighter Plane


Slow Pulse Boy

Ulterior- body hammer

NMA - no rest

Chameleons the fan and the belows

The Smith - stop me if you think …



Escape with Romeo - Somebody

Lords of the new Church - Russian Roulette

The Sisters Of Mercy - First and last and always (W)

Echo & The Bunnymen - the killing moom


Slow Pulse Boy

Nichts - Tango 2000 (W)

Pixies - where is my mind

Johnny Cash - hurt

Billy Bragg - a new england





[(W) = Wunsch]



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