Playlist "Return of the Living Dead", MarX-Floor, 11.5.13


Dead Can Dance - yulunga

Farblos - winterherz

Jewels of the Nile - gold chains

Kuruki - such a liar

Chai Khat - ghosts in the void


Slow Pulse Boy

Wonky Doll and the Echo - the cut

I LIKE TRAINS - beacons

Tones On Tail - performance

B-Movie - nowhere girl



Killing Joke - wardance

Frustration - it's gonna be the same

The Cure - strange day

Monte Cazazza - if thoughts could kill

Skinny Puppy - worlock

Linea Aspera - malarone


Slow Pulse Boy

Eleven Pond - watching trees

She Past Away - rituel*

The Cure - play for today

Joy Division - disorder

Das Bierbeben - dunkle tage

Westbam - computerstaat

Trisomie 21 - the last song



Martial Canterel - you today

Clair Obscure - toundra

Nocturnal Emissions - don't believe it's over

Lebanon Hanover - gallowdance


Slow Pulse Boy

John Foxx - underpass

Trust - bulbform

Fad Gadget - collapsing new people

Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft - der mussolini*



Unhappy Birthday - anorak*

Siouxsie & The Banshees - arabian knights

End Of Data - sahrah*

The Soft Moon - dead love*

Woodkid - i love you


Slow Pulse Boy

The Cramps - human fly

Virgin Prunes - caucasian Walk

The Sisters of Mercy - alice*

Cabaret Voltaire - nag nag nag

Crash Course In Science - cardboard lamb



November Group - put your back to it

Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle - was kostet die welt*

Les Immer Essen - hand-take

Desireless - voyage voyage*

Austra - beat and the pulse*


Slow Pulse Boy

Snowy Red - madman*

Phillip Boa - and then she kissed her*

New Model Army - no rest*



Les Rita mitsuko - c'est come ca*

Plastic Bertrand - ca plane pour moi*

Klinik - black leather*


Slow Pulse Boy

Esplendor Geometrico - moscu esta helado

Zola Jesus - poor animal*

Lichtblick - intensivstation



Iggy Pop - the passenger*

O.Children - ruins*

The Chameleons - in shreds


Slow Pulse Boy

Ulterior - body Hammer*

Kap Bambino - batcaves

Wipers - window shop for love



Ms Mr - hurricane

Rheingold - dreiklangsdimensionen

Depeche Mode - shout


Slow Pulse Boy

For Against - amen yves*

Gary Numan - are friends electric*



Arnaud Lazlaud - le malade-roi*

Phosphor - skull

Kirlian Camera - blue room


Slow Pulse Boys

The Knife - pass this on



Lebann Hanover - totally tot*

Gertrud Stein - tanze samba mit mir*


Slow Pulse Boy

DAF - der räuber und der prinz

Bauhaus - the sanity assassin*



David Bowie - sufragette city


Slow Pulse Boy

A-ha - scoundrel days



Soma Holiday - shake your molecules (the neutron dance)


Slow Pulse Boy

Poeme Electronique - the echoes fade



Okay - okay*

Renft - apfeltraum

Der Plan - da vorne steht ne ampel

Xao Seffcheque - happy new wave




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