Playlist “Keine Schönheit ohne Gefahr 3″ vom 29.12.12, Lüneburg

Slow Pulse Boy
Die Unbekannten – Radio war
Veil Veil Vanisch – modern lust
Contre Jour – a contre jour
I Like Trains – mnemosyne
Tipical Me – pope no hope

Robert Ian Jim
Die Selektion – triumph
Derniere Volonte – j’oublies que tu existes
Lebanon Hanover – gallowdance

Sets von Thedi und Scripted Reality

Slow Pulse Boy
She Past Away – kasveti kutlama
Frustration – dying city
DAF – der moussolini
The Cure – the walk
The Chameleons – the fan and the bellows

Robert Ian Jim
The Jesus & Mary Chain – sidewalking
Led Er Est – divided parallel
Black Marble – static
Massendefekt – papierflugzeug
Days Of Sorrow – wild world
Le Lettere Di Anna – bohème massacre

Sets von Thedi und Scripted Reality

Slow Pulse Boy
Front 242 – headhunter
No More – suicide commando
Sisters Of Mercy – alice
Fields Of The Nephilim – cord of souls
Pink Turns Blue – walking on both sides

Robert Ian Jim
Skeletal Family – promised land
Lebanon Hanover – die world
Linea Aspera – malarone**
Martial Canterel – you today
The Sound – skeletons**
Passion Play – down to you

Sets von Thedi und Scripted Reality

Slow Pulse Boy
Nichts – tango 2000
Deine Lakaien – dark star
Molly Nilsson – i hope you die
Siouxsie & The Banshees – cities in dust
White Lies – to lose my life

Robert Ian Jim
Clair Obscur – toundra
Stephan Eicher – noise boys song
Former Ghosts – only in time
Kirlian Camera – blue room (extended)
Oppenheimer Analysis – the devil’s dancers
Light Asylum – dark allies

Sets von Thedi und Scripted Reality

Slow Pulse Boy
Q Larzarus – goodbye horses
Röyksopp – what else is there
Joy Division – she’s lost control
Wipers – window shop for love

Robert Ian Jim
Kap Bambino – batcaves
Skinny Puppy – worlock
The Soft Moon – alive
Faith ´& The Muse – shattered in aspect
Tones On Tail – performance
Liaisons Dangereuses – los ninos del parque

Sets von Thedi und Scripted Reality

Robert Ian Jim
Cuddly Toys – madman
The Actor – deutsches mädchen
Indochine – l’aventurier
Cult Of Youth – man and man’s ruin
The Cassandra Complex – moscow idaho 2.0

… so könnte die playlist zusammengepuzzelt aussehen :)


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