Playlist "Strange & Scary" 14.02.09

Miss Greenfiend: (set1)

For Against – Glamour

Theatre of Hate – Original Sin

Every new dead Ghost – Not in a Lifetime

Sex Gang Children – Boss and Beauty

The Cold – Summernight

Pink turns Blue – Break It

The Church – Reptile

Frustration – No Trouble

Gang of Four – Damaged Goods

Wipers – Windowshop for Love


SlowPulseBoy: (set2)

The Cure – Killing an Arab

Bauhaus – Telegram Sam

The Other – Hide Inside

Ghoultown – Return of the living Dead

The headless Horsemen – Mr. Schmidt

Joy Division – Warsaw

The Cramps – Human Fly

Crisis – Holocaust

Ideal – Erschiessen

Muffdriver – Feuer


Miss Greenfiend: (set3)

Twisted Nerve – Séance

Chaos Z – Krass

Kommunity FK – We will not Fall

TSOL – Silent Scream

Christian Death – Mysterium Iniquitatis

Mephisto Walz – I Want

The Merry Thoughts – We love To

Vendemmian – Masquerade (Act II)

Bauhaus – The sanity Assasin

Kitchen and the plastic Spoons – The Poet

Berurier Noir – Porcherie

Grauzone – Wütendes Glas

Kas Product – Never come Back

The Wake – Give Up

Bakterielle Infektion – Komputerherz

Stereo – No More ('83 radio version)


SlowPulseBoy: (set4)

Surplus Stock- Take it

Sex Beat- Sex beat

Virgin Prunes- Baby turns blue

Skeletal Family- Promised Land

Motorama- Anchor

The Chamaleons- Don't fall

Siouxsie And The Banshees- Red light

The Sound- Escape myself

Fliehende Stürme- Satellit

Zombina And The Skeletons- Nobody likes you when you're dead


Miss Greenfiend: (set5)

Blacklist – Language of the living Dead

The Sound – Total Recall

The Mary Onettes – Lost

Marquee Moon – Beyond the Pale

Alien Sex Fiend – R.I.P.

Ausgang – Lick

Blitz – New Age

Crisis – UK 78

Clair Obscur – Froh

Circuit 7 – Video Boys

Phillip Boa – Fine art in Silver

Soft Cell – Sex Dwarf


SlowPulseBoy: (set6)

Death in Vegas- Hands around my throat

Joy Division- she's lost control

Malaria- Kaltes klares Wasser

Einstürzende Neubauten- Was ist ist

Scarlets Remains- Metalheiligenschein

Peter Murphy- cuts you up

Misfits- Monster Mash

Vampire Beach Babes- tomb mau mau

Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space- Trash Ballerina

The Deep Eynde- Suicide drive

Der Fluch- Rattengift

Dead Kennedys- Holiday in Cambodia

Miguel And The Living Dead- Batcave

Meteors- Chainsaw Boogie


Miss Greenfiend: (set7)

Specimen – Syria

Death Cult – Gods Zoo

Danielle Dax – Yummer Yummer Man

Martha & the Muffins – Echo Beach

Virgin Prunes – Baby turns Blue

Butthole Surfers – Hey

II. Invasion – Graue Katzen

Multicoloured Shades – Teen sex Transfusion

The Cramps – Faster Pussy Cat

The Damned – Smash it Up

Abwärts – Alkohol


DJ Dangermouse:

The Cramps – Human Fly

The Cramps – Drug Train

The Cramps, The Cramps, The Cramps…(Strange & Scary says: R.I.P. Lux Interior)

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