Playlist "Gloomy Sunday", 11.02.07

feat. gast dj christian



Alvarez Perez- blizezki

Breath Of Life- nasty cloud

Inkubus Succubus- paint it black

Age Of Heaven- the providence

Reptyle- green land

Imaginary Walls- palace of pain

Sisters Of Mercy- heartland

House Of Usher- hide and seek



Nim Vind- astronicon

The Arch- babsi ist tot

DAF- der räuber und der prinz

Jeans Team- königin

Les Immer Essen- hand take

Hessen Ganz Groß- unter der achse



Behind The Scenes- fate

Dance Or Die- dance or die

Deine Lakaien- return

Silke Bischoff- sometimes

Lizard Smile- i was wrong

The Last Dance- wonderlust

The Mission- canibal



Joy Division- shadowplay

Christian Death- church of no return

Depeche Mode- the meaning

Soft Cell- sex dwarf

Die Perlen- turn back the time

John Foxx- underpass

Cinema Strange- sadit sagitarius



Katzenjammer Kabarett- gemini girly song

Dresden Dolls- jepp song

Faith And The Muse- silver circle

Madre Del Vizio- dr. phibes

Corpus Delicti- saraband

Bauhaus- passion of lovers

Sopor Aeternus- the encoded cloister



The Organ- brother

Placebo- the bitter end

She Wants Revenge- i don't want to fall in love

Fad Gadget- rickys hand

Grauzone- wütendes glas

Division kent- tango 2000 (nichts cover)

Ideal- erschießen

Siouxsie And The Banshees- hong kong garden



The Clash- london calling

Farin Urlaub- sumisu

The Smiths- there's a light that never gets out

The Cure- close to me

New Oder- blue monday

Visage- fade to grey

Depeche Mode- behind the wheel

Kontrast- einheitsschritt (Orginal)

Sepulcrum Mentis- daddy cool



Cramps- human fly

Nouvelle Vague- eisbär (grauzone cover)

10.000 Maniacs- planned obsolescence

Ramones- pet semetary

Bloody Dead And Sexy- monstertanz

Scarlets Remains- metall heiligenschein

Hunting Lodge- tribal warning shot

Chameleons- less than human



Kiss The Blade- some become one

Goethes Erben- rot leuchtete einst weiße engel

Dresden Dolls- half jack

DAF- was ziehst du an heut nacht?

Jäger 90- was ich will

Sturm Cafe- mozart ideal

B. Reitzel- on the subway

Wolfsheim- the sparrows and the nightingales

Hagelazl Runedance- frigga’s web

Current 93- all the pretty little horsies



Einstürzende Neubauten- haus der lüge

Vive La Fete- tu connais la dernierre

Man Without Hats- living in china

Stereo Total- national 7

Die Lustigen Kürbisse- müde bananen

Christian Death- gloomy sunday

Heather Nova- gloomy sunday

Sinead O'Conner- gloomy sunday

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