Playlist "Gloomy Sunday", 8.10.06

Altered Images- happy birthday [to gloomy sunday ;)]
The Other- hyde inside
Frustration- on the rise
Marc Almond & Andi Sex Gang- the hungry years
Shadow Project- static jesus
Odor Of Pears- fuck christianity
Marcies Still Waiting- unique world
Trink 17- city nacht
Bakterielle Infektion- großstadtleben
Fiction Technology- in the city
V-Sor,X- prey room
XEX- holland tunnel
Tones On Tail- performance
The Essence- endless lakes
Bloody Dead & Sexy- bloody rose
Madre Del Vizio- madre
The House Of Usher- it doesn't matter W
Frank The Baptist- bleeding in my arms
The Glove- mr. alphabet
Nine Circles- twinkling stars
Mia.- zirkus
The Dresden Dolls- backstabber
Siouxsie And The Banshees- hong kong garden
Stereo Total- exakt neutral
Sonnenbrandt- urlaubsgruß mit sonnenbrandt
Alien Skull Paint- desire at the bad one
Depeche Mode- photografic
Kim Wilde- kids in america
New Model Army- 51st state
The Cure- the walk
All Gone Dead- vivid still beating
Corpus Delicti- absent friend W
Ramones- pet semetary W
Wipers- window shop of love
Bauhaus- in the flat field
Joy Disaster- hang around
B-Movie- nowhere girl W
Grauzone- träume mit mir W
Fad Gadget- back to nature
The Neon Judgment- t.v. threated
Crisis- (no more) holocaust W
Ausgang- fat vigilante
Charles De Goal- kling klang
Welle:Erdball- deine augen W
Boytronic- luna square
Brockdorffer Klang Labor- some girls are bigger than other (smiths cover)
The Smiths- girlfriend in a coma W
The Chameleons- sekond skin
The Cramps- human fly W
Einstürzende Neubauten- was ist ist W
Christian Death- romeos distress W
Joy Division- she's lost control
Depeche Mode- master and servant
Front 242- tragedy (for you)
DAF- alle gegen alle W
Kirlian Camera- blue room W
The Primitives- crash
The Eternal Afflict- san diego
Phillip Boa- container love W
Cinema Strange- greensward grey W
Liaisons Dangereuses- los ninos del parque W
Suicide- ghost rider
Pixies- where is my mind W
Chaos Z- krass W
Katzenjammer Kabarett- genuine. a fantastic revue W
Sisters Of Mercy- temple of love W
Nick Cave- the mercy seat
Clan Of Xymox- louise W
Kas Product- never enough
The Chameleons- in shreds W
Siouxsie And The Banshees- arabian nights W
Gang Of Four- damaged gods
The Deadfly Ensemble- kriminal tango
The Schmutz Sisters- la folle
Iva Brittova- gloomy sunday


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